At Boost Concrete Raising we strive to provide the best quality work and exceed all customer expectations.

I am Michael Williams, the owner, and I am personally working on each job. My Grandfather (pictured below) worked concrete his whole life, and so did two of my uncles. Now, I am proud to continue to serve several counties in Southeast WI. I currently live in Germantown, WI where I was born and raised. I also have the privilege, along with my wife, to raise our two beautiful children in Germantown as well.

Concrete raising is all our company does. It is not an “add on” service to other contract work. We specialize in in restoring sunken, or uneven slabs of concrete. Most of our business is driven thru word-of-mouth advertising, so customer service is our top priority.

Free estimates are always provided directly to your email account, where with the simple click of the button I can have you scheduled and ready for your project to be completed. I keep you updated every step of the process so you will have the peace of mind knowing exactly how your project is coming along. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Send me a message today to get your project underway!


Michael Williams

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